The Visalia firm; Wagner, Jones, Kopfman and Artenian provide clients experiencing Fresno or Visalia brain injury symptoms possible. Visalia brain injury treatment plans are designed to mitigate the traumatic effects of this condition. However, the expenses involved can be equally debilitating. Brain injuries are very serious, and the costs of treatment should not be an insurmountable barrier.

The Types Of Visalia Brain Injury Effects

The different kinds of Visalia brain injury effects are an expression of the underlying area of the brain. This means that the impacted areas of the brain will create a variety of symptoms, which can be anywhere from moderate to severely debilitating. Brain injuries can cause sensory, emotional, physical or cognitive problems.

These areas of the brain are often affected by brain injuries:
• Parietal lobe
• Occipital lobe
• Temporal lobe
Brain stem
• Cerebellum
Frontal lobe

Information about a brain injury is essential for creating an effective treatment plan. When a specific area of the brain is damaged, the affected areas will not function properly. The parietal lobe controls sensory information and visualization. The occipital lobe is responsible for processing optical information, and the temporal lobe regulates language, memories, emotion and the creation of meaning.

Consider Your Visalia Brain Injury Symptoms

Injuries at the level of the brain stem can cause muscle weakness, hearing and balance problems, speech and swallowing problems, and difficulties performing complex tasks. The cerebellum regulates motor functions, cognition, language and attention. The frontal lobe deals with planning, short-term memories, dopamine incentives and other hormonal rewards.

Learn More About Visalia Brain Injury Treatment

Visalia brain injury symptoms depend on the area of the brain affected by a traumatic event. The treatment plan must be appropriate for the specific injury, but this process can be complicated in some cases. The CT or MRI scan might be used to diagnose the underlying condition, but any treatment plan will take time to successfully implement. The offices of Wagner, Jones, Kopfman & Artenian is located at 1111 E Herndon Ave #317, Fresno, CA 93720. Visit us or call us at (559) 449-1800 to speak with a professional lawyer today.

Increase Your Chances Of Recovery From Traumatic Injury To The Brain Stem

Legal services are essential during this process, and compensation awards can positively influence the outcome. The legal professionals at Wagner, Jones, Kopfman and Artenian can help victims of traumatic injuries by tackling the difficult task of fighting Lake Tahoe and Visalia insurance companies on your behalf.