Camp Fire Lawsuit to Recover Losses

Cal Fire Investigators have determined PG&E is at fault for the Campfire tragedy that destroyed 125,000 acres of land including homes, businesses, schools, and churches. PG&E recorded and informed state regulators of an electrical incident relating to a major electrical transmission failure just minutes before the reported start of the Campfire. Thousands of people lost everything, including some of their loved ones’ lives. If you or a loved one were affected in any of the following ways, please contact us for help in recovering your losses:

  • Injury
  • Property/Business Damage or Loss
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Death

PG&E failed to comply with safety regulations, and did not properly maintain its equipment and the surrounding vegetation. The fire pushed PG&E into bankruptcy and they are proposing to cap their liabilities at $18 billion. WKJA is representing victims in lawsuits against PG&E, even if you did not have insurance. You pay no costs or fees until you are properly compensated. The deadline to submit a claim is October 21st, 2019.

Paradise Campfire Map

Why Speak with a Lawyer?

It is important to have an experienced attorney help you file claims with your insurance. WJKA will help you recover losses even if you DO NOT HAVE INSURANCE. You pay NO FEES or COSTS until adequate compensation is recovered for you.

PG&E’s negligence in their failure to adequately maintain its equipment has resulted in heavy losses to life and property. Thousands of people in Butte County are now having to deal with the aftermath of PG&E mismanaging electrical infrastructures. Survivors can receive compensation for property losses, injuries, and other damages. WJKA is CURRENTLY REPRESENTING VICTIMS In lawsuits against PG&E in other cases caused by PG&E pipeline explosion/fires.

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Experienced Award-Winning Lawyers

Our experienced lawyers at Wagner, Jones, Kopfman and Artenian recognize the devastation that this wildfire has left and our team is prepared to fight for compensation. WJKA has assisted hundreds of clients with cases regarding negligence. Fighting for the rights of our clients is our passion. Our experienced team of legal professionals has won millions of dollars in favor of our clients.

Awarded Cases Against PG&E

WJKA has investigated and brought cases against PG&E due to negligence. Our intention is to recover losses of residences of Butte County that have experienced extreme devastation. Contact WJKA to receive a free consultation today. Fill out the free consultation form so we can start the fight for you.


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We are no longer accepting Camp Fire submissions at this time.

PG&E To Blame for Camp Fire

Resources for Camp Fire Victims

View the latest Incident Update for current information on evacuations, evacuation centers and road closures.


Camp Fire Structure Status

Camp Fire Structure Status

Camp Fire Evacuation Status

Camp Fire Evacuation Status

Returning to Your Home/Property

Returning to Your Home/Property

Evacuation Centers

OPEN: Glenn County Fairgrounds

221 E Yolo St,
Orland, CA 95963

OPEN: Neighborhood

2801 Notre Dame Blvd,
Church Chico, CA 95928

OPEN: Butte County Fairgrounds

199 E Hazel St.,
Gridley, CA 95963

Animal Evacuation Centers

Small Animals:

Chico Municipal Airport

150 Airpark Blvd.,
Chico, CA 95973

Large Animal Shelter:

Butte County Fairgrounds

199 E Hazel St.,
Gridley, CA 95963

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Awarded Lawsuits Against PG&E