If Clovis lawyers that are experienced in handling car accidents are what you are looking for, then look no further. Founded in 1978, our agency has managed Clovis car accident lawsuits of all types, and we specialize in class actions. If you’ve been involved in an automotive collision, our Clovis car accident lawyers are able to calculate the total costs of the event, determine which driver was at fault and obtain a settlement that covers your expenses.

Our Clovis Car Accident Law Firm Can Help With Property Damage

At Wagner, Jones, Kopfman and Artenian, we may obtain free estimates from numerous auto repair shops, or if the vehicle was totaled, an auto insurance company can provide documents that indicate the automobile’s market value. Our Lake Tahoe and Clovis car accident law firm will allow you to create a list of valuable items that were damaged during the event. In court, our Clovis car accidents lawyers will provide information about the amount of time that you need to recover. When seeking a Clovis car accident settlement, we will explain whether or not the collision will affect your mobility in the future.

Leave It To Expert Clovis Car Accident Lawyers To Handle Litigation

When planning a Clovis car accident lawsuit, our experts can evaluate the positions of the vehicles, the locations of the dents and the depth of each scratch. Moreover, the Merced and Clovis car accidents lawyers at our agency will analyze the length of skid marks in order to determine the speed of each automobile. We may search for witnesses who are willing to come forward. In court, the attorneys at our Clovis car accident law firm will thoroughly interview these bystanders, and if the witnesses captured any photographs of the scene, we can show them to the judge. The offices of Wagner, Jones, Kopfman & Artenian is located at 1111 E Herndon Ave #317, Fresno, CA 93720. Visit us or call us at (559) 449-1800 to speak with a professional lawyer today.

Reach Fair Compensation For Your Clovis Car Accident Settlements

Our agency has sent donations to numerous non-profit organizations, and some of these include the Fresno Rescue Mission, Habitat for Humanity and the Fresno Art Museum. We have made contributions to the Poverello House, which helps individuals who are hungry and impoverished. Our law firm has been featured in articles and stories that were created by ABC News, CBS News and the Modesto Bee. Our business has also received many outstanding reviews from clients who have received Clovis car accident settlements.

Scheduling An Appointment To Consult With Our Clovis Car Accident Law Firm Is The First Step

When you’re ready to set up a free consultation with our Visalia or Clovis car accident lawyers, you should complete the form on our website, and before the appointment, our experts can pick you up for free. Furthermore, you may call 559-472-7829 to reach our Clovis office.