The Fresno personal injury attorneys, Wagner and Jones, are a team of committed and experienced professionals that provide clients with exceptional representation. A Fresno big rig accident lawyer or truck accident lawyer can help you close your case, so you can get back to work and life. Fresno big rig accident lawyers are not all alike, and our firm constantly updates our legal strategies and knowledge to reflect the best practices current in this industry. A Fresno big rig accident lawsuit does not have to ruin your career. Our lawyers proudly show a history of success in providing services for anyone in need of a Fresno truck accident attorney.

Fresno Big Rig Accident Lawyers Are Here To Help

Big Rig Accident Lawyer Fresno

Fresno big rig accident lawyers are experts in various areas of the law related to semi trucks. A virtual labyrinth of laws and regulations related to the trucking industry is further complicated by the differences between individual state laws and federal law. These laws govern all aspects of the truck including the permissible load weight, loading procedures, hazardous materials and driving maneuvers.

Our Fresno Truck Accident Law Firm Understands Every Aspect Of The Law

One example of the differences in regulations between states involves the issue of passing. Some states do not permit the truck to pass around other vehicles by using the left lane, while others do. Drivers who are new to Fresno may be unaware of some of these differences, so our Fresno truck accident law firm is available to help drivers who experience any kind of incident in this area.

Any accident involving a big rig could lead to a large Fresno big rig accident settlement, so talk to a Fresno big rig accident lawyer as soon as you get the chance to after an incident occurs. Rear-end car collision accidents also  are common in the trucking industry, and professional legal assistance can make a difference in the outcome of the case. Without a Fresno truck accident attorney, you may lose your case, and your CDL could be in jeopardy.

Have You Been Injured In A Fresno Trucking Accident?

Fresno Trucking injuries such as spinal damage, head trauma, or broken bones, are similar to injuries sustained in other auto accidents in Fresno. The difference is that with the size and mass of the vehicles involved in Fresno trucking accidents the injuries and damage sustained can be much more severe. If you’ve sustained a trucking injury in Fresno while on the job we recommend you seek both immediate medical attention and our legal counsel.

Make The Smart Choice – Seek Legal Assistance From A Fresno Truck Accident Attorney Today

A personal injury attorney & Fresno big rig accident lawsuit may develop any time a semi-truck collides with another vehicle, object, or person. The injuries sustained by drivers involved in a vehicle collision can be serious, and the amount of money paid to the victims of a Fresno big rig accident settlement is determined by the court. Legal assistance from our Fresno truck accident law firm can help you navigate the complex procedures necessary to resolve the case in a timely manner.