The Fresno public transportation system is reliable and used by many to reach their destinations on a daily basis. Most bus rides in and around Fresno are normal and not noteworthy. Large buses transfer people all over town and usually, nothing goes wrong. When something does go wrong, unfortunately, plenty of pain and injury can be the unfortunate and sad result. If you have sustained an injury this way, then our Lake Tahoe and Fresno bus accident lawyers are here to help.

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When a person hops aboard and bus and pays their fare, they expect to be delivered safely and quickly to their scheduled destination. Buses are statistically involved in fewer accidents than passenger cars, but when the two collide the consequences can be devastating. If you think you need a Fresno bus accident attorney, chances are you are probably right. Anyone who has been hurt in a bus mishap deserves a chance to speak with a compassionate lawyer.

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We are Wagner, Jones, Kopfman & Artenian, and if you ever need the savvy expertise of our Merced or Fresno bus accident lawyers then we are the law firm to call. If you were on a bus that crashed or in a vehicle that somehow accidentally collided with a bus, you need to speak with a Fresno bus crash lawyer without delay. In the case of a Fresno bus accident lawsuit, time is of the essence.

If you found this page because you are seeking legal assistance for a loved one, give us a call and ask to talk with a Clovis or Fresno bus accident attorney. Please note that not every Fresno bus accident law firm will provide you one free consultation, but we will. We understand that a bus accident can wreak havoc on a person’s life both physically, financially and mentally. That is why we’re one local Fresno bus accident law firm that will allow you time with a Fresno bus accident lawyer for no charge at all.

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Of course, no Fresno bus accident law firm worth its proverbial salt will make an iron clad promise to win your Fresno bus accident lawsuit. We can and do promise that your bus accident attorney in Fresno will do their level best to get you the justice and fair compensation you deserve after having to go through the accident that you went through.

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Not every local law firm has a Visalia or Fresno bus crash lawyer. At Wagner, Jones, Kopfman & Artenian our attorneys are skilled at many types of personal injury law. We hope you never need a Fresno bus accident lawyer but if you ever do, please don’t hesitate to dial (559)449-1800.