Fresno, like other cities located in the Central Valley area, is home to some special environmental hazards like our Fresno fog and dust car accidents that are attributable to Tule fog. Tule fog is one of a few forms of thick ground fog that settles along the length of the Central Valley during the late fall and winter. These unique regional entities are the leading cause of weather related accidents and casualties in the area. Every year Californians are injured or killed when weather conditions cause reduced visibility. As Fresno fog car accident attorneys, we are familiar with these circumstances.

Fresno Fog And Dust Car Accidents Are A Common Occurrence

Thick fog and dust storms are caused by the unique conditions of the Central Valley. The Central Valley is the largest agricultural region in California, and because of that our area is vulnerable to wind erosion during dry conditions. Windy days can produce dust storms that reduce visibility to just a few feet. When this happens on a roadway, a serious car accident due to dust can occur in moments.

Fog occurs primarily during the rainy months, but can happen any time of the year. This is when the Tule fog comes into play. Tule fog is a radiation fog that can fill large areas of the Central Valley. Radiation fog develops when the air cools at night over moist ground. It creates a thick white wall that makes driving extremely hazardous and can last for days and reduce visibility greatly.

Frontal fog is another danger. This fog is connected to a weather front, and can move into an area very quickly. While it does not last as long as the Tule fog, frontal fog can be just as dangerous.

Be Represented By Fog Accident Attorneys In Fresno That Are Experienced

Multiple-car collisions are a characteristic of Fresno fog and dust car accidents. When visibility is suddenly reduced, drivers tend to follow the tail lights of the vehicle ahead. If that vehicle stops, a chain reaction begins. Our Fresno fog accident lawyers have experience with these types of situations.

Here are some ways to reduce your risk when driving:
• If you pull off the road turn off your lights and keep your foot off the brake pedal
• Never stop in a driving lane.
• Avoid driving into areas already obscured by fog or dust.
• Pull off of the road as soon as possible when visibility drops
• If you must drive, advance slowly and sound your horn to let others know where you are.

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If you are involved in a car accident due to dust or fog, contact our fog accident attorneys in Fresno to learn how we can help. When you suffer loss or injury due to someone else’s negligence, you need the best Fresno fog accident lawyers.

Always be alert to changes in weather and visibility. It is important to be proactive when driving conditions change for the worse. If the worst does happen, know that our Fresno fog car accident attorneys are here for you.

A car accident can be a minor inconvenience or a life-altering event. If this happens to you or a loved one, you need the fog accident attorneys in Fresno to protect your rights.