Although Lake Tahoe laws have enhanced the safety of certain goods in recent decades, Lake Tahoe product liability lawyers know that defective merchandise continues to cause significant harm. Products play a role in over 3 million injuries every month, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Unsafe items have the potential to harm you and your property in several different ways.

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Any Merced or Lake Tahoe defective product lawyer will tell you that faulty merchandise triggers many fires in California. The CPSC reports that approximately 2,800 Americans die in product-related blazes each year. Every device that consumes electricity or fuel has the ability to start a fire. Unsafe items also cause suffocation, wounds, falls and other medical emergencies.

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Most Lake Tahoe product liability lawyers help clients take legal action against a variety of manufacturers. Potentially dangerous merchandise ranges from collapse-prone chairs to vehicles with flawed gas tanks. Contaminated food can produce serious illnesses that yield long-term health consequences. When any consumer item causes unexpected harm, you have a legitimate reason to contact a defective product law firm in Lake Tahoe. Manufacturers have a responsibility to design merchandise without hazardous flaws. They also need to develop quality control systems that keep defective goods out of stores. When a poorly made item hurts you or damages your home, you may benefit from calling a Visalia or Lake Tahoe products liability attorney. A lawsuit is more likely to succeed if you followed the product’s instructions and took reasonable safety precautions.

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Even if the merchandise doesn’t contain any design or manufacturing flaws, a Lake Tahoe defective product lawyer might still be able to assist you. Companies have an obligation to supply thorough directions and warn you about any serious hazards. For example, some lamps may catch fire if you use high-wattage light bulbs. A Lake Tahoe defective product attorney could help you gain compensation if the manufacturer failed to specify a maximum wattage.

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When you need a knowledgeable Lake Tahoe products liability attorney, turn to the experts at Wagner, Jones, Kopfman & Artenian. Our defective product law firm in Lake Tahoe has helped many Californians obtain the funds they need to pay medical bills, replace faulty merchandise and repair damaged belongings. To speak with an experienced Lake Tahoe defective product attorney today, mail your documents to Wagner, Jones, Kopfman & Artenian at 2030 Aloha Dr, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 or contact us by phone at (530) 541-6361.