Many Merced locals make the mistake of trying to settle insurance claims with insurers themselves following an accident. The main task for insurance companies is to pay the injured party as little as possible to cover medical bills, property damage and other damages. To do this, they typically ask the injured party to sign a liability release form.

Our Merced Car Accident Lawyers Work Directly With Insurers

Hiring an experienced and reliable Fresno or Merced car accident lawyer should be the first priority following an accident where a personal injury claim is needed. Working directly with insurers or other parties is a sure way to receive an inadequate amount of money. Keep in mind that Merced car accidents lawyers know the law and how to maximize awards for damages. Merced car accidents lawyers will help clients recover more than just money for medical bills. Many people also need money for everything from living expenses while they are unable to work to money for child care if they are unable to fully care for their children after an accident.

We Are Accustomed To Handling Every Type Of Merced Car Accident Lawsuit

Local residents seeking the best Clovis and Merced car accident lawyers should contact Wagner, Jones, Kopfman & Artenian. Our attorneys are experienced in handling every type of Merced car accident lawsuit. In addition to helping our clients receive the best Merced car accident settlement, we can help with finding good doctors and quality care. Our clients can also rest assured that we will seek maximum damages from the other party while keeping all factors of the accident in mind.

Plan Your Litigation With The Best Merced Car Accident Law Firm

When we handle a Merced car accident lawsuit, we will seek compensation for every small and large financial loss resulting from the accident. Auto accidents can result in a lifetime of medical issues, so do not try to work with insurance companies alone. Wagner, Jones, Kopfman & Artenian is a top Merced car accident law firm with a solid reputation for helping victims recover the compensation they deserve. Visit us at 1111 E Herndon Ave #317, Fresno, CA 93720 or call us at (559) 449-1800 to speak with a professional lawyer today.

Do Not Delay In Getting Your Merced Car Accident Settlement Consultation

When seeking a Merced car accident settlement, it is important to act quickly after the injury occurs. The most important part of a lawsuit is working with a trusted Merced car accident law firm that will fight hard and handle all of the legal work. Do not delay if you or someone you know has been injured in an auto accident. Contact Wagner, Jones, Kopfman & Artenian in Merced today for a free consultation.