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Wagner, Jones, Kopfman & Artenian

Our Personal Injury Lawyer Fresno are well aware of the implications of physical injury. Usually, after suffering an accident, life becomes very difficult. Hiring an accident law firm in California is the best way to make things go your way. You know that the other party is at fault for the injuries you suffered, but the insurance company is denying it. That’s why the California accident lawyers of the law firm of Wagner, Jones, Kopfman and Artenian are so necessary. A qualified accident attorney from our firm will take the reins from you and will
force the insurance company to stop taking advantage of you.

Our Accident Law Firm Has Extensive Experience with California Law

Our accident attorneys have extensive experience with the very same insurance company that you are having difficulties working with today. Unlike our accident law firm in California, you don’t know the unscrupulous tactics that insurance companies use to cheat you out of what you deserve. Our accident law firm, based in Fresno, San Diego and Lake Tahoe is fully prepared to address this situation for you so that you can concentrate on your recovery. To do this, you will need a California accident settlement to help you.

After an accident occurs, you may miss time at work, but you will still have several medical bills to pay as well as your monthly expenses. A California accident lawsuit will make it possible for you to survive the coming months while you recover from your injuries.

Consult with a Friendly California Accident Lawyer

Wagner, Jones, Kopfman and Artenian will perform a thorough initial interview with you and determine if you have a case. Then, your attorney will decide if a California accident lawsuit is in order. Your lawyer may be able to obtain an accident settlement without going to court. If not, we will find out who is at fault and then file the appropriate accident lawsuit in California.

We Can Help You File for an Accident Lawsuit in California

The California accident attorneys of Wagner, Jones, Kopfman and Artenian have experience handling all types of accident cases, including those that result from dog bites, prescription drugs, amusement park rides and car collisions. Whether there is an accident lawsuit in California filed on your behalf or not, we will keep your interests at the forefront from the beginning until the end.

A California accident attorney from the law firm of Wagner, Jones, Kopfman and Artenian is ready to begin fighting for you. Our accident law firm has already obtained millions of dollars in settlements for clients in courts all around the state of California, and we will work to do the same for you.

Hire a California Injury Law Firm With No-Charge Consultations

If you choose Wagner, Jones, Kopfman & Artenian to be your law firm, we won’t bill you unless you win your lawsuit and receive compensation. You pay no attorney fees or any costs to us until we win your case.

Successful Cases

Wagner, Jones, Kopfman & Artenian LLP was the first Fresno and San Diego personal injury law firm to sue a reality TV show and astoundingly win a verdict for our aggrieved client. The trial was featured on the front page of New York Times and

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